NHL Star Diagnosed With Leukemia

September 19, 2017Sep 19, 2017

A New Jersey Devils hockey team player just announced that he has cancer, reported People. The team's forward Brian Boyle told reporters that doctors recently diagnosed him with chronic myeloid leukemia.

Chronic myeloid leukema—like other forms of leukemia—affects blood cells. In CML, it specifically attacks bone marrow and cells that develop into red blood cells, platelets, and some white blood cells.

However, unlike other forms of Leukemia, CML is a slow-growing cancer. This means people with the disease can live long, normal lives with it—even if it is never completely eradicated. 

Michael Farber, the Devils' team doctor, shared that the disease was detected early. Blood tests done as apart of Boyle's pre-season physical revealed the disorder, which usually appears later in life.

The doctor also said Boyle's condition is treatable. In fact, Boyle, who has played in the NHL for ten years, intends to return to the ice. He hopes to play in the team's season opener on October 7th, reported People.

Boyle, 32, is a fan favorite, especially during his time with the Rangers. He is "primarily known for his ability in the defensive zone and on the penalty kill," writes People.

This isn't Boyle's first experience with cancer. His father was diagnosed with kidney and lung cancer when Boyle was a teen. Shockingly, Boyle's father was given months to live, so he went on a European trip. When he returned, he was given a clean bill of health. 

In a 2014 interview with ESPN, Boyle clearly understood the severity of the disorder. He told reporters: 

“When the puck drops, it seems like the most important thing in the world... But when it comes to people fighting cancer, nothing compares. I think, overall, players realize that and want to show support as much as we can." 

Pray for Boyle and his teammates as they deal with his illness.

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