NFL Team Escapes Hurricane Irma, But One Player Stays Behind

September 10, 2017Sep 10, 2017

After bringing tragic situations to the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, Hurricane Irma struck Southern Florida late Saturday evening. The nation is very concerned about the damage the aftermath of the hurricane will leave.

In wake of Hurricane Irma, more than 6 million Floridians were evacuated including areas in Palm Beach and Sarasota. Others not ordered in mandatory evacuations are still escaping for safety reasons and out of an abundance of caution.

NFL teams Tampa Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins were among those who exited the area with their families. Due to concerns from the hurricane, their game schedules also had to be changed.

However, while the Buccaneers relocated over 100 players on five different planes, one player remained in Florida. The team’s website revealed that Bernard Reedy stayed behind to help wheelchair bound residents escape the hurricane.

According to their website, Reedy works for a local company that helps with the transportation of wheelchair-bound residents during the off season. Once Hurricane Irma stirred up great worry for the Sunshine State, Reedy decided to get in contact with his old employer to see if they needed any extra assistance.

Former wide receiver Andrew Hawkins retweeted the Buccaneers’ social media post about Reedy and commented, “Be a blessing, get a blessing!” Others also chimed in to thank Reedy for his act of kindness.

This is so amazing! Please pray for Bernard Reedy and all those at risk in the path of the hurricane. You can watch a live feed of Hurricane Irma on our website. Thank you for your prayers!

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