NFL Star, Wife Open Up About Losing Twin Sons Weeks Before Due Date

April 03, 2019Apr 03, 2019

A famous athlete and his wife have had to deal with a lot of personal emotions off this field this past season. Marquise Goodwin and his, Morgan, suffered a horrible tragedy recently.

They lost their 19-week-old boys only months before they were due to be born. It was a devastating loss for the Goodwins and fans were heartbroken around the world.

Now, the Goodwins are speaking out about the tragedy. They are opening up about the loss of their babies after Morgan's water broke prematurely.

"Morgan Goodwin told People Magazine the boys were born after her water broke prematurely. She said the first baby wasn’t breathing when he came out and the second baby was breathing for about a half hour before he died. She revealed she was still with the boys, having to stay in the hospital for three more days after coming down with a fever and an increase in her blood pressure," reported Fox.

Morgan also shared her personal time with the twins. It will bring tears to your eyes.

“I would stay with them the whole time they were in my room. The whole time,” Goodwin told People. “I did let them go back to get dressed and take pictures and get measured and stuff and then [they] brought them back. But I had them the whole time when we were in the room.”

Ultimately, through the tragedy, the Goodwins feel they were brought closer together. They wanted to open up in hopes of helping other parents out there who have got through similar things and are dealing with the grief.

“…I feel like it’s a good thing to let other women know that you’re not the only one that has lost babies,” she said.

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