NFL Star Takes Plea Deal After DUI Wreck, Sentenced to 'Rehab'

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

One of the biggest stars for the NFL’s Oakland Raiders is Aldon Smith. In 2015, Smith was involved in a dangerous accident where he drove his vehicle into a parked car and then fled the scene.

Smith later returned to the scene of the wreck and confronted police. The authorities gave him a field sobriety test and arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving.

"This organization has tried very hard to help Aldon fight his issues. Although he is no longer a member of this team, our support and concern for him will continue," the team said.

Now, years later, Smith has decided to take a plea deal in the case. Smith previously said he was not guilty of the crimes, but now he is changing his stance.

“He was sentenced to 20 days in jail -- but the judge is allowed him to do residential treatment in lieu of spending time behind bars. Residential treatment is essentially "rehab" at a facility. He was also ordered to complete anger management,” according to TMZ.

While this case was under investigation, the judge also determined Smith violated probation from another case and was also sentenced to 90 days in jail. The judge decided he would again allow Smith to us residential treatment to fulfill the sentence.

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