NFL Star Surrenders to Police After Threatening Coach and Teammates with a Shotgun

March 22, 2018Mar 22, 2018

A bizarre and scary story has just come to a peaceful ending. A former NFL lineman has just surrendered to police after threatening his former coach and teammates with a shotgun.

Jonathan Martin turned himself in on Tuesday, according to reports. He is being charged with 4 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. At this time, he has pled not guilty.

The original threats occurred on February 23 on social media. Martin posted a menacing photo of a shotgun and shells on a bed with the names of his coach and former teammates.

"When you're a bully victim & a coward, your options are suicide or revenge," he captioned the image.

According to the reports, the criminal threats were made against the San Diego Chargers' Mike Pouncey, and Martin's former Dolphins teammate Richie Incognito. The two other teammates were from his old high school at Harvard Westlake. The school was put on lockdown the day Martin posted the shotgun image.

The story comes in the wake of numerous school shootings around the nation. If convicted, Martin is facing up to 6 years behind bars.

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