NFL Star Suggests Something More Powerful Than Turning America BACK To God

July 07, 2016Jul 07, 2016

We hear from very passionate Christians that America needs to "turn back to God." And it's so true. But is returning to the past the right course of action? Or is there something better--more powerful--to take us forward?


Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson begins with the strong statement that America isn't truly a "Christian nation." Watson posted on his Facebook, "While many of America’s inhabitants are Christians it should not be labeled a Christian country. There is no such thing. In truth it has always been a nation whose spoken allegiance to God conflicted with its tangible observable deeds. Such a discrepancy is a warning to all of us as we struggle for consistency between our words and our actions. In spite of a strong Christian influence still present today, it was founded on rebellion and built with the unconscionable toil of human property. At this very hour it sanctions the annual murder of 1 million innocent unborn and creates then recreates its own definitions of fundamental essential and socially beneficial norms. While responsible for a great deal of goodwill throughout the world, it continues to tacitly approve and even actively pursue removal and censorship of all vestiges of Biblical Christianity from its view."

Watson says that instead of looking back to our foundation (which was infested with rebellion and sin), we must seek to go out and make disciples. "Though a noble call to action, I am convinced that the critical juncture of American history we now face is not so much about fighting to turn our country BACK to the nostalgia of our 'Christian' past as it is to continue the fight and advance the charge given by Christ 2000 years ago to simply make disciples."

This different outlook would help to prevent the animosity between Christians and liberals (at least on the side of the Christians). "An improper view of our present state breeds COMPETITION WITH but not COMPASSION FOR those we disagree with. We desperately need an intermingling of both as we live and engage with those around us. As difficult as this may be, my assignment is not to win arguments for the sake of being right, it is to present the truth before men with the hope of winning souls. I fail when instead of viewing my neighbor’s sin as an affront to GOD as is mine; I am angered solely because it feels like an affront to ME and MY convictions. My greatest challenge is for my anger to be righteous instead of selfish."

Watson encourages himself and those reading to find their citizenship more in their heavenly nation than their earthly one. "We remember that as proud as we are to be American, we are eternally part of a global royal nation that spans race creed and time. THIS nation, while in the world is not conformed by the world, so that its peculiarity is a testimony of its transformation from what it once was to what by grace it now is. This is the same hope we have for America."

What do you think of Watson's words? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us hear your thoughts (and prayers!) in the Comments. Thank you!