NFL Star Speaks Out About The Raging Bathroom Debate And Drops MAJOR Truth Bomb

April 27, 2016Apr 27, 2016

In a time when speaking the truth can mean someone losing their job or being labeled as hateful, it is rare to see people with a lot to lose standing up for their beliefs and for the truth.


Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson took a major stand recently knowing far well that in today’s anti-Christian culture it could cost him his spot on the team as well as any endorsements that he may have.

Watson posted on social media his thoughts on the North Carolina Transgender law. “I’m not in favor of any legislation to spite or demean others,” Watson wrote. “However, I am in favor of legislation that governs human activity in a way that would be pleasing to the Lord, while still understanding that a heart that seeks to live for him is infinitely more desirable than forced submission.”

Watson explained that all people were created by God for a specific reason to play specific roles. “As important as genitalia are in determination, gender roles do not stop at anatomy,” Watson wrote. “They were created as complimentary differences that should be celebrated, embraced and encouraged. They build strong families, healthy communities, and ordered nations. There is great beauty in masculinity and femininity that fully blooms in the sacrificial oneness of marriage. To accept the blurring thereof is to deny and tacitly reject God’s design and to condone what he has created as a reflection, albeit imperfect because of our humanity, of his immense love for us. This is the danger we face, not only with this issue but with any issue, when our feelings, genetic predispositions and desires take precedence over his principles.”

Watson acknowledged that some people will turn on him because “tolerance and inclusivity has somehow turned into the very thing it claims not to be and is quite often characterized by name-calling and accusations of bigotry and hatred,” Watson wrote.

Do you agree with Watson?