NFL Star Saves Airline Passenger Who Can't Pay Baggage Fee

June 05, 2018Jun 05, 2018

22-year-old Delilah Cassidy was en route from London to her Arizona hometown. Suddenly, something terrible happened to her, according to Faithwire

She was trying to board her connecting flight in Los Angeles when an American Airlines agent informed her that she would need to pay $50 to carry on her small bag. 

But Deiliah didn't have any money on her person. And she was lacking a functioning credit card. As a result, she was stuck, and despite pleading with the airline staff to simply let her onto the flight, there was no way she could go.

As Faithwire puts it, "their reply was a clear no." 

“You’re gonna have to miss this flight. We can’t let you on,” Cassidy recalled the staff saying to her. “I was devastated, I started tearing up. I leaned over on the counter, really upset.” 

Delilah then recalls that a man walked up and asked how much it would cost for her to bring on the bag. He was then informed by the employee that it would be $50. 

"I got it," he said. 

Delilah then tried to decline the man's generous offer, but he insisted on paying.

“I’m astonished and tell him it’s fine not to worry and he hands the lady his card as the American Airlines employees stand in silence shocked by this man’s generosity. They swipe the card and he tells me to have a great flight and hop on board,” she continued.

Delilah was so happy that she began to cry. 

She later learned that the stranger was Arizona Cardinals tight end Jermaine Gresham. 

“I was shocked! He was so human. He was just so personable. I didn’t see him as, ‘This is Jermaine Gresham,’ I saw him as a stranger who helped me,” Cassidy said, according to Faithwire. “I was excited to know it was him, but if it was a random stranger and I never knew their name it would still mean just as much.”

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