NFL Star Pays Off $17 Million Bankruptcy Case

February 13, 2018Feb 13, 2018

One of the biggest names in football is arguably more famous for his actions off the field. Michael Vick, the star quarterback who went to jail for his infamous dog-fighting scandal, is now back in the spotlight.

Vick reportedly has just finalized paying back $17 million in debt! The amazing sum of money was said the be debt left over from his days as an NFL megastar.

After his involvement was discovered in the cruel dogfighting case, Vick lost his job, salary, and endorsement deals. He was said to be millions of dollars in debt at the time. He even went to prison, all while he owed millions to creditors.

Upon serving his time, Vick worked extremely hard to get back on top. Now, he is finally in the clear. It is amazing to think about the amount of money he has made during his career.

"But, Vick busted his ass to pay off his debts ever since he was reinstated with the Eagles in 2009. He reportedly made nearly $50 million in NFL salary in his 2nd stint in the league," reported TMZ.

TMZ also reported that "the outstanding debt was owed to Bank of America, BMW financial services, and his tax collector. Vick made his final payment back in November, and now a judge has officially closed the case, granting Vick's discharge and final decree."

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