NFL Star Calls Abortion The Worst Form of Racism

August 21, 2017Aug 21, 2017

The left tries to say that they're on the side of minorities, but Benjamin Watson, a tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, is debunking that idea. In an interview, Watson said that Democratic support for Planned Parenthood proves that they don't have African American's best interests in mind. 

“We [as minorities] support candidates, and overwhelmingly support the idea of having Planned Parenthood and the like, and yet, that is why she created it. We are buying it hook, line, and sinker,” said Watson, referring to Margaret Sanger's motivation for starting Planned Parenthood.

Watson further explained his objection to Planned Parenthood: “I do know that blacks kind of represent a large portion of the abortions, and I do know that honestly the whole idea with Planned Parenthood and Sanger in the past was to exterminate blacks."

He added, “And it’s kind of ironic that it’s working.”

Watson has played in the NFL for 13 seasons, and for much of that time, he has been married. Over the past decade, he and his wife have had five children. Watson, who is also the author of "New Dad's Playbook: Gearing Up For The Biggest Game of Your Life," believes taking care of children is one of the most important parts of his life. He opened up about how that fits into being pro-life. 

“If you are someone who cares about life period, then you have to care about it from conception all the way up to death,” he said. “To me, being pro-life means that you hold all life very dear and you understand that all life was created by God and that because of that, life has internal, intrinsic value, whether it’s capable of living on its own at that point or whether it is capable of living on its own at the end of its life.”

This isn't the first time that Watson has spoken out in support of his evangelical beliefs. In June, he spoke out in support of an Evangelical nominee who Bernie Sanders criticized. Last year, when the videos of Planned Parenthood selling body parts came out, he took to Facebook to express his horror at the legality of abortion.

“As horrific as it is, the issue isn't really the sale of human parts," said Watson. "It's the legal practice that allows this to even be a possibility. Killing children and simply discarding the leftovers is not any more acceptable than profiting off of them.”

Watson has faced some backlash for his outspoken Christianity, but he doesn't backdown. He also isn't alone in pointing out the way that Planned Parenthood targets African Americans. Ryan Bomberger, another African American who fights to end abortion, pointed out some terrifying statistics in a recent interview. 

“For every 1,000 black babies born alive, there are 1,100 aborted each year in” Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation. “The black community is the only community where there are more induced deaths than births….yet so-called ‘civil rights leaders,’ including the NAACP, call this deliberate destruction ‘reproductive justice.’”

Watson isn't the only NFL player to talk about abortion. Read how one Philadelphia Eagle is actively supporting the pro-life movement. 

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