NFL Star Accused of Brutality to His Wife

January 18, 2018Jan 18, 2018

Recently, numerous scandals have rocked the NFL after players have gotten into legal trouble off the field. One former NFL star even died after driving drunk and wrecking his car.

Now, another star player is in trouble with the law. Derrick Ward, the former New York Giants running back, has just been accused of brutality against his wife. The details are still unfolding.

According to TMZ, Derrick Ward threatened to kill his wife and physically attacked her, according to claims in new legal documents. Ward's wife, Naomi Lee Allen-Ward, also mention she just got a restraining order, claiming Derrick has been verbally, emotionally and physically abusive toward her.

Allen-Ward detailed two scary incidents where she claims her husband threatened her. At one point, she says he told her he would kill her an didn't even care about going to jail. He also allegedly abused her by saying he hated her and shoving her.

At this time, Ward has not commented on the allegations. The news comes on the heels of numerous players who have been accused of violent and inappropriate behavior. Currently, studies are being performed to see if there is a link between head trauma, sustained in football, and violent or absurd behavior of players later in life.

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