NFL Quarterback Shares How Obeying God Saved Three Lives

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

Derek Carr, NFL quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, is very well-known for his outspoken Christian faith. Previously, he has led his team in prayer and even mentioned that he hopes to be a pastor someday after retiring from his professional football career.

In a recent video published by Holy Spirit Lifestyle, Carr shared how overcoming fear and obeying God contributed to three lives being saved. He began by discussing the importance of being obedient to God and following through with what He wants you to do, when he recalled one specific time where he was put in a difficult position of obeying God.

“I was speaking at an event with my brother...they actually did an altar call at the end...We’re done; we’re sitting here and as clear as day, the Holy Spirit tells me, ‘Someone in here is gonna commit suicide unless you say something’. Im questioning myself, am I really gonna stand up here while the pastor’s trying to give an altar call and grab the mic and be like ‘hey someone in here’s gonna commit suicide?’ and no one comes up and I look silly…”

However, Carr faced his fear, overcame all of his doubts, and simply just obeyed God. He asked the pastor if he could say one last thing. “Someone in here— it got so hard to where you were going to end your life and you were going to kill yourself and commit suicide tonight. I’m just here to tell you that Jesus loves you, that I love you, that He has a plan for your life.”

Carr then saw a man pointing at himself, so he asked, “Is it you?” and he replied, “yes.” He prayed for him and Carr’s brother also prayed with another kid who was crying. On Carr’s way out, he met someone else who told him he was going to kill himself that night. He hugged him, told him he loved him, and that God loved him.

That evening, three people who would have commit suicide heard the word of God and experienced the love of Jesus because one man made the choice to obey God and speak up. Carr ended, “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my entire life...Whatever He asks you, you say yes, and you be faithful because that is what you’re job is, and He will get the glory for it. I’m Derek Carr and I play for Him.”

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Derek Carr is clearly very unashamed of his faith. When he was announced the new, highest player in the NFL back in June of 2017, he gave God the credit.

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