NFL Player And Wife WON’T Abort Their Unborn Baby Despite Doctor’s Dire Warning

September 01, 2015Sep 01, 2015

NFL Player, Evan Rodriguez and his wife Olivia are expecting a baby in December.  A little girl, to be exact.  They have named her Layla Sky. 


The couple’s joy was short lived.  According to this recent article, Evan and Olivia were told by the doctors that Layla would be born with the rare and severe birth defect, anencephaly.  Layla would be missing parts of her brain and skull and may only live for a few hours or days.

Upon receiving the horrific diagnosis, the doctors told the couple that they could either terminate the baby or move forward.

Evan and Olivia turned their attention to God, Show me what it is that you want to do through all of this.  What’s the good to come out of it?”, Olivia prayed.

Despite the outlook, they decided to move forward.  “We decided to continue with the process because we felt like, who are we to determine a baby’s life? So, we are going to leave it in God’s hands,” Evan said.

Olivia said that they would do “anything we can do to be able to make the best out of her life”.

Evan has no doubt that he will see his daughter again in heaven.  “She’ll be waiting up there saying ‘daddy.’  So, there’s a time and place for everything.”

The couple continues to celebrate Layla’s life and raise awareness for anencephaly.

Will you say a prayer for Layla and her parents?  Thank you!