NFL Legend Drops A Massive Truth Bomb On The #BlackLivesMatter Group

January 04, 2016Jan 04, 2016

The Black Lives Matter group took to social media after a grand jury decided not to charge two Cleveland police officers in the death of Tamir Rice.  The ruling of the grand jury was not what the group wanted.  They hoped to appeal to basketball superstar Lebron James to not play until their definition of justice is carried out.

NFL legend and hall of famer, Jim Brown, recently sat down for an interview.  He was asked about the situation in Cleveland and what Lebron should do in this situation.  Brown responded in a way that will surely not be what the Black Lives Matter group wanted to hear.

“I think Lebron is a grown man,” Brown said, “He should be able to make his own decisions.  There’s no concrete decision in any of these cases.  I could talk for ten hours on police brutality through the years, historically against African-American people, but then there are other people that have had problems with the police.”

Brown then went on to talk about the real issues and what he thinks the real problem is.  “The problem that I’m looking at is young black men terrorizing their own community.  My thought of all of this to how it should be cleared up is that the community take pride in itself.  Clean it up.  Be the cleanest community in the world.  Do the right things, fathers do the right things with their kids and with their wives and I think you’ll see a tremendous change.”

Do you think Brown is right?