Newt Gingrich: What You Should Find The MOST Troubling With Democrat Convention Speeches

July 27, 2016Jul 27, 2016

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said what the most troubling aspect of the first night of Democratic National Convention is the words they left out — terrorism, Islamic, and ISIS. While national security was not the theme of the convention's first night, Gingrich believes it's an important enough of a topic to address from the get-go, especially in light of the recent, frequent ISIS-inspired attacks.

According to The Blaze, Gringrich said the Democrats' apparent lack of concern puts America in "genuine danger."

“It’s worth reminding people that the world is dangerous," Gingrich said. "There are a lot of evil people out there, and I use the word 'evil' deliberately. I think somebody who deliberately puts nails in their backpack so the bomb will kill the maximum number of people is engaged in an evil act. I think somebody who uses a machete to kill a pregnant woman is engaged in an evil act. I think somebody who beheads an 84-year-old priest is engaged in an evil act. And I think both political parties ought to have a dialogue about this.”

Do you agree with him?