Daily Courier Newspaper Owner: I Was Poisoned With Rat Toxin

December 07, 2017Dec 07, 2017

The owner of an Arizona newspaper, the Daily Courier, claims that he was poisoned last year with a strange chemical found in rat toxin. He thinks he knows who did it, but he claims that he has no idea why it happened.

According to Fox News, Joseph Soldwedel, 65, is the co-owner of his newspaper, a paper based in Prescott Arizona. Soldwedel claims that he was poisoned with a very lethal dose of thallium, which is a heavy metal commonly found in rat poison. 

So far, it still isn't clear whether Soldwedel was targeted and thus poisoned intentionally. Police have confirmed that they were investigating the case as a criminal manner. The Prescott Police Department has so far made no arrests, and so far, there are no reports of any suspects. 

Soldwedel was found with very elevated levels of thallium in his system, and according to experts, human beings shouldn't have any level of this substance in their bodies. In fact, lab results discovered that thallium levels in the newspaper owner's body were 15 times higher than normal. 

Soldwedel had very high levels in his body between November 29 and December 27, 2016. It is serious enough that police felt it was important to investigate what happened. 

According to the Daily Courier, the paper owner realized that something was wrong after experiencing prolonged and unexplained illness with severe symptoms earlier this year. After experiencing severe and strange symptoms he decided to consult medical experts. 

“The test findings are highly suggestive, but not confirmatory, of an intentional poisoning with an intent to kill,” said Dr. Ernest P. Chiodo, a forensic toxicology expert.

Thallium is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. According to the Daily Courier, it is often used in rat and ant poisoning, although due to its intentional use to poison human beings, it has been banned in the United States since 1965. 

There were other substances that were discovered in Soldwedel's body, including dangerously high levels of lithium, aluminum, barium, and zinc. Medical experts have concluded that Soldwedel takes no medications that contain any of these metals or other toxins. 

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