News Reporter Suggests No Black Person Should Stand for National Anthem

September 26, 2017Sep 26, 2017

After most of the players participating in NFL games on Sunday dropped to a knee, linked arms, raised their fists, or refused to show up on the field during performances of the National Anthem, one news reporter is suggesting that no black person should stand for America’s song.

Terrell Jermaine Starr is the senior reporter for The Root, an online magazine with ties to the leftist Slate online magazine, and in an article entitled “Patriotism Is For White People,” he begins, “The American flag, drenched in the blood of American Indians and enslaved Africans, has been romanticized as a symbol of guardianship for all citizens of this nation.”

He then argues that all the wars America has ever fought, including World War II, were only fought for the freedom of white people, and that “as black people, we are not free. And we never really have been.”

Starr attacks the U.S. military and the concept of patriotism, saying, “The problem with narratives of American patriotism is that they ignore the fact that America was and is a colonial state. Colonial powers are violent and racist by their very nature. America’s military is not a protector of peace. It is an enforcer of colonialism.”

“Patriotism has never been a racially equitable experience because it was never designed to be.” he adds.

Starr then calls America a racist nation to its core and suggests that white President Trump supporters, especially those who utter the phrase “Make America great again,” are white supremacists.

“There has never been a point in U.S. history when nonwhite bodies were not under the threat of state violence. That is why black people are kneeling before the flag. It was never intended to reflect the protection of our humanity.” he argues, before turning to police brutality.

“Black blood is being spilled across the country, and white people are more than happy to support the cops doing the killing,” Starr claims.

But what can a white person do to make amends? White people, he says, must “drop their privilege and unpack themselves,” but “they simply choose not to do so” because, by in large, they “ignore the sufferings of others.”

How would you respond to Starr? Do his words push for racial healing in America, or do they rather intensify a racial divide? Please let us know your thoughts! In related news, a famous actress just compared Trump to a notorious young mass murderer and white supremacist.

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