Newlyweds Were Stuck Riding Out Hurricane Irma in Bathroom

September 09, 2017Sep 09, 2017

Honeymooners were trapped inside the bathroom of their hotel on the island of St. Martin as Hurricane Irma raged outside.

Scott and Sarah Riggins from Charleston, NC, were married just last week and were honeymooning on the island. They posted a video on social media as Irma struck with over 100 mile-an-hour winds causing huge destruction as streets turned into rivers. There was so much debris floating in the streets of the island as the hurricane makes its way to Florida.

Another woman from New York City who was on St. Martin during Hurricane Irma told CBSN she and her friends are now trapped without a way to get off the island.

"We are just asking that not just for ourselves -- please, please call your local electives, call your assemblymen, call your senators, call your embassies and tell them you have citizens who are stranded here, Anguilla, St. Bart's and we just need to go home," Tiffany Bender told CBSN. 

Bender and her friends were staying at an Airbnb, and the hosts just "told us to cross our fingers when we asked her about the best practices for the storm." She said they gave her a list of hotels that still had power. Bender said that at the Airbnb they had left, the roof caved in from the storm.

"One of the hotels that we could have went to were actually across the street is completely wiped away," Bender said. "Every single floor was completely dismantled, so it's really luck of the draw that we picked the hotel that we did."

U.S. military aircraft have evacuated more than 500 American citizens trapped on the island of St. Martin, which was devastated by Hurricane Irma and is now facing more possible damage from Hurricane Jose. It is estimated that more than 5,000 American citizens remain on the island. 

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