Heartbreaking: Footage Shows Couple's Joyful Exit from Wedding Just Before Fatal Crash

November 06, 2018Nov 06, 2018

The horrible news was reported over the weekend that newlyweds Will Byer and Bailee Ackerman were killed just minutes after departing their wedding. They were involved in a helicopter crash. 

According to initial reports, the newlyweds had a fairytale wedding at their family's ranch. At the end of the celebration, the couple took off in a "family helicopter." 

When they were about a mile away from the ranch, the helicopter crashed into the side of the hill. Sadly, the newlywed couple and the pilot were all killed. The pilot was 76-year-old Gerald Green Lawrence, a captain in the U.S. Army and Veteran in the Vietnam War. According to reports, he had a vast amount of experience.

Now, a few days after the tragic accident, family and friends have released footage from the newlywed couple's final moments on earth. The footage shows the couple walking through a fun exit with the people that love them most cheering for them. Then, they boarded the helicopter. 

The videographer said, "We sent them off with something to remember. It chokes me up that way because, it's like, I saw them get in the helicopter which seemed to just be fine."

Below is the footage of their final moments:

Will and Bailee were both seniors at Sam Houston State University. According to friends, they were both scheduled to graduate in December.

The final footage shows the extremely joyful moments that Will and Bailee had just minutes before their lives would tragically end. Please be praying for all of their family and friends during this absolutely heartbreaking time. Share your prayers here. In other recent news, President Trump stood silent for 7 minutes at a campaign rally and what the crowd did next sent chills down everyone's spines.