Newest Undercover Video EXPOSES Illegal Money In Hillary's Campaign

October 26, 2016Oct 26, 2016

Wednesday afternoon, James O'Keefe released his fourth undercover Project Veritas video, this time focusing on illegal money flowing through the Hillary campaign through a non-profit group via Bob Creamer, a Hillary consultant who talks on camera about funneling Hillary's marcher orders to the non-profit group. The illegalities are rampant.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This version of the video has been explicit language edited out. To watch the original version, see it here.)

Because of the confusing and technical world of election laws, we have broken down what appears in the video.

Here are five damaging things the video reveals and clarifies:
— Bob Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners, is a consultant for Hillary's campaign. But he's also a consultant for the non-profit group Americans United for Change, and as also revealed in other undercover videos, funnels marching orders from Hillary's campaign and Hillary herself directly to Americans United for Change in direct violation of campaign coordination laws.
— Creamer shows a willingness to do political favors for donors who give to the non-profit AUFC, such as hiring a wealthy donor's niece to his Democracy Partners and promising to help find an immigration lawyer for a Syrian client of the donor's money manager. This also smacks of illegality.
— Creamer also revealed how closely he is tied to Hillary's campaign and the White House by assuring to the donor's money manager that he can get him meetings setup with Hillary and Obama as a favor for donating so much money. In other words, allowing big donors to pay for direct access. That, along with Creamer's 342 White House visits and 47 personal visits with Obama, makes him appear to be far more than a consultant.
— Creamer bragged about his long, close connections with Obama, which also makes him sound like part of the Obama and Hillary campaigns rather than merely a consultant to them. That's also dirty politics.
— Creamer coordinated the donation of $20,000 to AUFC through a foreign shell company and foreign bank, which may directly violate election law. AUFC president Brad Woodhouse kept the money for a month and only decided to return it when he realized his organization was being investigated by Project Veritas. (Editor's note: We're a little hazy on whether AUFC is a Super Pac, which can't accept foreign donations, or a 501(c)(4), which can. But it's obvious Woodhouse wouldn't have returned the money if it thought he wouldn't get in trouble for accepting it.)

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