Democrats Cry Doom and Gloom After Trump's New Secretary of State Sworn In

April 26, 2018Apr 26, 2018

America has a new U.S. secretary of state to lead the State Department after the last secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, was asked by President Trump to resign.

According to USA Today, Trump's nominee Mike Pompeo has been approved by the Senate and was just sworn in.

Pompeo is a former CIA director was sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence soon after Trump's inauguration. He was approved by the Senate for his new job on Thursday by a 57-42 vote that fell largely along party lines.

Liberals and Democrats have expressed concern over allegations that Pompeo is anti-LGBT and has been critical of American Muslims who haven't condemned Islamic extremism harshly enough. In his new role, he would be America's top diplomat.

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) complained, "It’s incumbent on our next secretary of State to work with our allies in Europe, with all of our allies. [But Pompeo] suggests we should pull out of the [Iran nuclear] agreement if we can’t change it, even though Iran is in compliance with that agreement. That’s not diplomacy."

Environmental groups have also spoken out against Pompeo becoming the face of U.S. diplomacy in the world, claiming that he rejects the idea of man-made climate change even though he has said in the past that he thinks human activity might play at least a small role in temperature changes, according to The Hill.

A warning letter signed by groups like Green Peace previously advised, "At a time when our planet is rapidly warming and millions are being impacted by climate change supercharged hurricanes, fires, drought, mudslides, and more, the last thing we need is another climate denier in the White House administration; his nomination must be rejected."

But many Republicans support him.

“We need Mike Pompeo and we need him now. He will be forthright, he will be independent, and, yes, he will be diplomatic,” expressed Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.).

“Through the process of going through the confirmation hearing I think he’s going to be exemplary,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said earlier.

Trump, Pence, and a State Department official also congratulated the new secretary of state on Twitter.

Pompeo is preceded by acting Secretary of State John J. Sullivan, short-term Secretary of State Tom Shannon, and Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

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