Newest Polls Are Making Roy Moore Critics Think He Could Actually Win

November 20, 2017Nov 20, 2017

GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore was enjoying a comfortable lead over Democrat challenger Doug Jones in the Republican state of Alabama until numerous women went public with claims that the former district attorney harassed or assaulted them when he was in his 30s and they were in their teens.

Although proof has not been presented, the sheer volume of allegations has led some Republicans to wish Moore would drop out of the race. The timing of the accusations has led others to wonder if the claims are fraudulent and drummed up as a political move to weaken the GOP’s small majority in the Senate.

The key accuser, Leigh Corfman, insists she is telling the truth and was not paid off. According to CBS News, Corfman says she was only 14 when Moore took her to his house, removed her clothes, and touched her inappropriately.

"I was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult's world, and he was 32 years old," she said during an appearance on the “Today” show. "It took years for me to regain a sense of confidence in myself, and I felt guilty. I felt like I was the one to blame. It was decades before I was able to let that go."

Corfman says she didn’t go public until now because she was afraid of the power Moore held in her state. Moore, on the other hand, denies ever knowing Corfman. He’s also called the other accusations baseless. Much doubt about the validity of her story and the stories of the other accusers remains.

Real Clear Politics recently averaged out the results from several major polls last week. Their results show that Jones and Moore are statistically tied. The special election, where Alabama voters will decide between Jones and Moore, will be held Tuesday, Dec. 12.

But New York Magazine says Moore’s popularity is crashing in the most recent polls that they looked at. Some results showed Jones with as much as a 12-point lead over Moore.

The magazine is predicting an “a hugely embarrassing upset.” Other people, though, have pointed to the wild inaccuracy of polls forecasting a landslide defeat for President Trump last November.

Writing an opinion piece for the Washington Examiner, Philip Wegmann, a Moore critic, believes Moore “will win evangelical Christian voters.” He said those voters “more afraid of looming liberal goliaths” than they are of the accusations.

Meanwhile, political science professor Edward Zipperer wrote an opinion piece for The Daily Caller insisting that Moore has no chance of victory. He called on conservatives to write in Luther Strange instead. Strange lost in the Republican primary to Moore earlier this year.

Zipperer believes that one “#WriteInStrange” tweet from President Trump could rally enough support to help Strange beat Moore on Dec. 12. Back in September, Trump tweeted support of Strange before deleting those tweets, according to the New York Times.

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