New York Times Says New Hillary Investigation Exposed By…WHO?!?!

October 28, 2016Oct 28, 2016

The FBI re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server on Friday after it was revealed that the FBI found emails pertinent to the case on a device from an unrelated case. But where were the emails found?

In a shocking new revelation, the New York Times reported that the newly discovered emails that led to the FBI re-opening their investigation in Hillary's email scandal were found on Anthony Weiner’s electronic devices. Weiner is the former husband of Hillary Clinton’s close aid, Huma Abedin.

The FBI’s investigation into Anthony Weiner was launched when he was found to have been ‘sexting’ with underage girls. Huma Abedin announced her separation from Weiner shortly after his sexting scandal erupted.

This new revelation couldn't come at a worse time for Hillary Clinton as the election is a mere 11 days away.