New Study Confirms Just How Completely The Media Is Rigged Against Trump

October 26, 2016Oct 26, 2016

If you were to turn on any of the mainstream media channels or visit their websites you would be subjected to massive amounts of Donald Trump coverage. Far more scrutiny is given towards Trump than to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

A new study compiled by the Media Research Center revealed that out of all the coverage of Donald Trump, 91% of it is hostile towards the Republican nominee.  The study also found that the major networks spent 40 percent more time reporting on Trump than on Hillary despite Hillary’s deeply troubling and ongoing scandals.

One of the most clear cut statistics exposing the media’s bias is that the major networks have spent over 102 minutes of air time during the nightly newscasts reporting on Trump’s lewd comments and allegations.  During the same sample period, the networks spent less than 7 minutes discussing Bill Clinton’s actions and Hillary Clinton’s treatment of her husband’s accusers.

Do you think the mainstream media is biased?