New Scam Has People Freaking Out, And For A Good Reason

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

According to, here is the key list of things you need to know to protect yourself from this awful scam.

  • Clicking the link takes you to a real Google-hosted page, with a list of your Google accounts ready to click


  • It asks you to select an account and provide an app called “Google Docs” — yes, they were somehow allowed to name a third party app “Google Docs” — with account permissions


  • As soon as you click the “allow” button, this not-at-all-actually-Google Docs app now has permission to read your emails and email all your contacts…. the latter of which it’ll start doing pretty much immediately, spreading the worm to pretty much everyone you’ve ever emailed.

Also, sources are saying there are steps you can take to see if you have been hit, and how to fix it.

Check your Google account’s app permissions. There should not be an app called “Google Docs” there — actual Google Docs has access to your account by default. If you see it listed there, remove it by tapping the label and hitting “Remove”

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