New Princess Diana Memorial has the Internet in an Absolute Frenzy

September 12, 2017Sep 12, 2017

On Tuesday morning, the Chesterfield Borough Council revealed their recent floral tribute to Princess Diana. They created the tribute in order to recognize the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. 

The council revealed the photos on their Facebook page, with a caption explaining the memorial. They said, "This year's #Chesterfield well-dressing marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. The well dressing is on display at the Town Pump outside of the Market Hall."

Shortly after the photos of the tribute were posted, Facebook users went wild. As of 3 p.m. ET, the post already had 1,100 shares and over 1,000 comments.

The reactions of the tribute have been primarily negative, with users saying that it is a disgrace to Princess Diana and that it looks nothing like her. Users are calling it "horrific," "absolutely horrendous," and "an insult to Diana's memory."

Many other commenters are comparing the image to Worzel Gummidge, a scarecrow character common in British children's books. They are saying that it has inspired great Halloween costume ideas. Most people agree that it does not represent Princess Diana's grace.

One commenter said, "I saw it and thought what an insult to Diana...luckily she had a sense of humour and would probably be laughing if she could see it or cared. But still, it needs to be taken down it's not nice at all."

Others are defending the tribute. They are saying that it took a lot of time and energy to create, and it was a valiant effort.

What is your opinion on this? Should it be kept up? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook! For a breaking news story, read our latest article about the U.S. being "deeply saddened" about the death of an American historian.

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