New Poll Shows Shocking Results for NFL Protests

September 27, 2017Sep 27, 2017

The nation has been concerned with the NFL anthem protest in recent weeks. Social media has been flooded with people posting about their opinions.

Some people believe players should kneel during the anthem to bring awareness to what they feel is police brutality towards minorities. Others think the flag is a sacred symbol of our country and everyone should honor that.

Now, a new poll has just been released that shows some drastic numbers on the protests. A research group is reporting that a majority of people want players to stand for the nation’s anthem.

“The survey from Remington Research Group found that 64 percent want players to stand for the national anthem,” according to the report.

"Americans are very clear on this issue: they do not support political protests during the national anthem," said Titus Bond, director of Remington Research Group. "On top of that, due to the protests, Americans are watching less football and that trend will continue as long as the protests do," Bond continued. 

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