New POLL Shows Shocking Change Of Fortunes For These GOP Candidates

March 15, 2016Mar 15, 2016

It has been a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump was going to be the Republican presidential nominee when the dust cleared from the primary process, until now.  According to Newsmax, the race has tightened in 3 key states leading up to Tuesday’s primary elections.

Ted Cruz has seen a massive surge of support in Illinois, Ohio, and Florida.  If Cruz continues to trend upward, he could give Trump a run for his money and make him sweat.

In a recent CBS poll, Trump and Cruz are neck and neck in Illinois.  Trump has 38 percent while Cruz has 34 percent.  If you account for the margin of error in the polling process, Trump and Cruz are basically tied.

In Ohio, the margin has narrowed between Kasich, Trump, and Cruz.  Governor Kasich is tied with Trump for 1st place.  Each candidate has 33 percent.  Very close behind is Cruz with 27 percent.  According to those numbers, it is very much anyone’s race.

In Florida, Trump is still expected to win by a double digit margin.  He currently leads with 44 percent.  The real story is Rubio’s free-fall in his home state.  Cruz surged past him with 24 percent while Rubio is down to 21 percent.

Stay tuned! This race is getting very interesting!