New Poll Shows Good News For Melania Trump

May 07, 2018May 07, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump has seen an increase in approval, according to CNN.

A poll conducted last week found that the first lady has a 57% approval rating — a number that is up 10% from January. This is the largest number Melania Trump has experienced in any CNN polling, including higher than any favorable rating earned by Donald Trump going back to 1999. Only 27% of respondents have an unfavorable view of the first lady.

Melania's increase in favorability ratings come amongst Democrats, too. In fact, among polled Democrats, her favorability has spiked 15% since January, and among Republicans, her favorability has increased by 6%. The gender gap in impressions of the first lady has also narrowed. Her approval rating has increased 7% among men but has increased a mighty 13% among women.

CNN speculates that the jump in positive feelings associated with the first lady could be due to what they call the "sympathy factor."

"For the past several months," they write, "the President has been the focus of numerous salacious stories regarding alleged infidelity in the couple's marriage." 

"Melania Trump has remained quiet," they continue, "yet she has expressed examples of independence during this time." 

As the first lady, Hillary Clinton also saw her poll numbers get a bump in the wake of Bill Clinton's scandal involving White House intern Monica Lewinsky, although Hillary's boost in poll numbers was only slight. CNN writes that while both Clintons in 1998 enjoyed favorability ratings in the low sixties, although after details of the affair emerged and impeachment trials began, Hillary's approval rating rose to 66%, while Bill's dropped to 51%. 

First Lady Melania Trump plans to announce her formal agenda on Monday afternoon, according to Fox News. The announcement will reveal her initiatives as the first lady, particularly as she plans to focus on the "well-being of children." 

CNN writes that Melania has planned to focus her efforts on the well-being of children since September of last year, although it has not been very clear exactly what this means. Today, however, the country is expected to get a clearer, more precise vision of what the first lady has in mind.

"As has been evidenced by the many events Mrs. Trump has participated in during her time as the first lady, her focus will be the overall well-being of children. Something unique though: She has not narrowed her platform down to just one topic as has been done in the past," Melania's spokesperson said. "Mrs. Trump wishes to help the next generation by creating change through awareness on a variety of issues that affect children."

The role of the first lady is still largely undefined. As a result, previous first ladies have chosen one standout point of interest and have then used their status in order to promote or encourage behavior relating to their particular point of interest. For Trump, who did not move into the White House until June of last year, deciding on her initiative has taken longer than other first ladies. 

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