New Poll Says Dead Heat in 3 of the First 4 Races!

January 13, 2016Jan 13, 2016

A new NBC Survey that was released over the weekend says that 3 of the first 4 races are now too close to call.

In a surprise development, the Democratic race is actually tightening even more than the Republican. While it has long been assumed that Hillary Clinton would run away with the Democratic nomination, she and Bernie Sanders are now virtually tied both in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

The Iowa caucuses are now just 3 weeks away, on Feb. 1st, and Hillary Clinton is barely ahead of Bernie Sanders -- 48% to 45%. In New Hampshire, Sanders is ahead 50% to 46%.

Is it possible that Bernie Sanders, who is widely regarded as a socialist, actually has a chance against the Clinton machine? Most people would say no, but suddenly in these two early states it is a virtual tie.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has a comfortable lead in New Hampshire -- he is ahead by 16 points, according to NBC, and has a strong lead also in other polls. But in Iowa, Trump is virtually tied with Ted Cruz. NBC shows Cruz ahead by 4 points, 28% to 24%.

The lead can shift easily in the next 3 weeks. In 2012, the Iowa caucus winner ended up being Rick Santorum, who was in 7th place just 25 days before the caucus. So stay tuned for lots of possible changes in the next 3 weeks!