New Poll REVEALS Where Trump Stands With ‘Highly Religious’ Voters

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June 27, 2016Jun 27, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has recently made a major push to gain the support of evangelical and religious people in his run for the presidency.

Last week Trump met with over 1,000 evangelical leaders to answer any questions they may have about his faith, conservative principals, and plan for America’s future. According to Breitbart, the meeting may have played a role in increasing religious support for Trump.

Between February and May, approximately 57 percent of ‘highly religious’ Republican voters viewed Trump in a favorable light. A recent poll shows that Trump’s support amongst the same block of voters has increased to over 66% percent in the past month.

A 9 point rise in less than a month is nothing short of meteoric and support for Trump shows no signs of slowing down.