New Kentucky Governor Takes Executive Action Over Same Sex Marriage Licenses

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December 26, 2015Dec 26, 2015

Earlier this year in Kentucky, Rowan County clerk Kim Davis spent 5 days in jail for standing up for her religious beliefs and not participating in issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Liberals and Democrats were outraged and turned their hatred towards Davis and people of faith.

The people of Kentucky spoke up loudly during the recent election and voted out their Democratic Governor and replacing him with a hardline Republican Governor who vowed to “ensure that the sincerely held religious beliefs of all Kentuckians are honored”. 


According to Fox News, newly elected Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin issued 5 executive orders.  One of the orders is for the state to make new marriage license forms that do not include the names of county clerks so that issuing the license is not seen as an endorsement by the clerks themselves.  The other executive orders issued either suspended or revised the previous governor’s liberal agendas.

Advocates for traditional marriage will say that Bevin’s order doesn’t go far enough.  However, any action towards preserving religious liberty in these times is a small victory.