New Interior Secretary Already Reversing Obama’s Orders On Day 1

March 02, 2017Mar 02, 2017

After riding through D.C. to his new workplace on horseback to show solidarity with the mounted U.S. Park Police and display his Western roots, President Trump’s new interior secretary Ryan Zinke showed he’s a friend of sportsmen as well.

According to the Associated Press, on Zinke’s first day on the job Thursday, he reversed an eleventh-hour order by Obama to ban the use of lead ammunition and fish tackle on national wildlife refuges.

Obama made the order the day before Trump took office, and environmentalists cheered it because of concerns over lead poisoning in animals, but Zinke felt the order was unfair to hunters and anglers.

He reversed the order, saying it would have decreased sportsmen opportunities on Fish and Wildlife land.

Zinke also gave another order Thursday afternoon, telling agencies to find areas to expand fishing and recreation.

"Outdoor recreation is about both our heritage and our economy. Between hunting, fishing, motorized recreation, camping and more, the industry generates thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity," Zinke said.

He added that hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts have found themselves frustrated during eight years of the Obama administration as more and more trails for accessing public lands have been closed to the public.

Zinke said, "It worries me to think about hunting and fishing becoming activities for the land-owning elite. This package of secretarial orders will expand access for outdoor enthusiasts and also make sure the community's voice is heard."

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