New 'Gender Equal' Snow Plowing Policy Goes HORRIBLY Wrong

November 15, 2016Nov 15, 2016

It's always an educational experience to look at the "progressive" policies of liberal nations to see the direction America could go if the Left is not challenged. And it's especially educational when those new policies go horribly, laughably wrong.

According to the Daily Caller, Sweden's capital city of Stockholm came up with the "genius" idea of "gender equal" snow plowing. After someone determined that women are more likely to use sidewalks to get to work while men are more likely to drive to work, it was decided that in the name of "gender equality," the sidewalks would be cleared of snow first before the roads.

What happened?

A horrible, massive, ridiculous traffic jam after the first snow of fall fell. Traffic slowed to a standstill for hours, many employers had to go on without their employees, and schools were closed as the streets remained unplowed.

Stockholm's Green Party transportation leader insisted the new policy had nothing to do with the massive congestion and said "gender equal" snow plowing needed to increase because many of the sidewalks were still not cleared during the traffic jam.

What do you think of this?