New Faith-Based Film Riddled With Profanity, F-Bombs; Producer Explains Why

May 12, 2017May 12, 2017

Faith-based films are gaining popularity in Hollywood as directors and producers realized there’s a huge market for them, but one particular filmmaker is tossing aside the notion that faith-based films should always shy away from crude content.

According to the Hollywood Reporter (Warning: Linked article contains crude language), executive director Thurman Mason’s faith-based “Generational Sins” contains 32 profanities, including the f-word.

Knowing that many conservative and Christian moviegoers will object to the content in the film, Mason argued that his film about lives broken by alcoholism and child abuse needs it.

“We're not shying away from anything. We live in an R-rated world, and covering up the darkness won’t bring it into the light," he said.

The film, while dealing in darkness, also shows viewers the light of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

“There is objective, gospel truth in this movie,” Mason explained. “Hollywood stereotypes Christians as nutty fruitcakes detached from reality, but that's not the case and, as Christian filmmakers, we'd like to demonstrate that."

But Mason said Christians aren’t his target audience for “Generational Sins.”

He explained, “People will call it 'faith-based' and we can't help that, but we're marketing it to secular audiences. We're creating a new genre, and there could definitely be pushback."

“Generational Sins” does bring to mind “Machine Gun Preacher,” a 2011 movie about the true story of Sam Childers, a criminal and addict who converted to Christianity and made it his life’s mission to rescue children from extremely dangerous war zones in South Sudan.

“Machine Gun Preacher,” while not marketed as a faith-based film, put Childers’ faith and redemption at the forefront but contains a massive amount of profanity, intense violence, and a scene of sexuality.

“Generational Sins” is set for release in August.

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