New Faith-based Film Drawing Criticism for its Content: Is it Even a Christian Movie?

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

The creators of “Generational Sins” maintain that amidst the cursing and child abuse and alcoholism, the core of the story is about a soul’s redemption that can come only through Jesus Christ.


According to IMDB, the story tells of a dying mother, Sarah, who tells her last wish to her eldest son, Drew, that he take his younger brother, Will, to the place where they were born. 

As the characters experience difficulties and a tragic family history, the hope they feel gives promise for the future.

The mother attempts to help her sons reconcile with their abusive father. As they grapple with this, their journey takes them through a pathway fraught with demons and, apparently, foul language.

But will it do well at the box office? Faith-based movies without any profanity brought in on average $61.4 million domestically; films with curse words made only an average of $34.1 million, according to Movieguide.

Movieguide founder Ted Baehr explained a possible reason for the difference. “It’s off-putting for the audience,” he said. “People don’t swear that much in public, except maybe in the hallowed halls of Hollywood.”

The Washington Times noted that the film has drawn controversy within the faith-based community: 

Some are saying that it is appropriate for the generation in which it is created; others say it should be viewed only by adults, and not children. And some members of the LGBT community have raised concern over its explicit language seemingly directed at them.

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