New Details Released Regarding Big Black’s Death

May 10, 2017May 10, 2017

Christopher Boykin, commonly referred to as "Big Black" by friends and fans, was found dead on Tuesday. He was only 45 years old.

Boykin was best known for his role on MTV's show "Rob and Big" and "Fantasy Factory" as a comedian and personality.

Originally, his cause of death was reported as a heart attack. However, TMZ discovered from family members that it was not just a sudden heart attack.

Prior to his death, Chris had been battling a serious heart condition for several years. The heart condition traveled through generations of his family, which first killed his grandparents, mother, and uncle.

Chris’s ex-wife also told TMZ that her former husband was in the hospital for days up until his death, hoping to save him and ultimately get a heart transplant in the future.

Many other celebrities are still paying their respects and love for Chris and his family via social media including artists and sports stars.

Please continue to pray for his friends, family, daughter, fans and loved ones!

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