New Details Emerge About the Mexico City Earthquake

September 19, 2017Sep 19, 2017
Updated September 19 2017 5:39PM ET

Mexico City just experienced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that devastated the city. In 1985, 5,000 people died as a result of the quake. News outlets report that the damage to Mexico City is extensive. 

The New York Times just reported that two people have died. Multiple other people are trapped inside of buildings that collapsed.

"The quake caused rubble to fall, crushing cars, and some building facades to collapse to the streets," reported The Telegraph.

Twitter posts reveal the truth of this statement. One user posted a video of the dust and smoke rising in the city.

Another user highlighted the destruction in residential areas.

A factory even exploded during the earthquake. One user caught it on video.

Another user caught a factory falling to the ground.

It was also announced that all flights in and out of Mexico City have been grounded.

Please pray for Mexico as they deal with this latest tragedy. Pray for all those who may still be trapped by fallen rubble. President Trump is also calling for prayers for the country.

Likewise, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas says the state will do whatever they can to help their neighbor. The statement issued on Tuesday noted that Mexico has been faced several natural disasters in the past few weeks.

"Our hearts are heavy for those lost and impacted by these tragedies," said Gov. Abbott. "The State of Texas will continue to offer any support to aid Mexico in their time of need." 

If you'd like to know more about the earthquake, there are more details here

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