New Crime Plaguing the Nation, Catching Americans Unaware While at Gas Pump

September 14, 2017Sep 14, 2017

Criminals have found a new way to steal from people while at the gas pump, and it’s a problem plaguing the nation. The term is called “sliding,” and it occurs quickly—most often while unsuspecting persons are outside their cars, fueling up.

According to, what usually happens is that while a consumer is standing by the pump, focused on fueling one’s car, a criminal or a group of criminals will pull up beside their car and will quickly open one of the unlocked doors to steal a purse or valuables—anything they can get their hands on.

They “slide” from their car to yours, keeping their heads down, so that you don’t see them, before it’s too late. They’ll take anything they can—purses, cell phones, whatever valuables you have.

Oftentimes, they escape before they’re discovered, or before it’s too late. So far, the crime is occurring most often in inner city neighborhoods. So how to protect yourself?

Police suggest making sure that while you’re at the gas pump, keep your car doors locked, especially if you go inside the convenience store to make a purchase or use the bathroom. And don’t assume that even though you’re standing right next to your car, that you’ll be immune from someone breaking into your car. Watch the video to see this type of heinous crime in action.

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