New Book Makes Shocking Allegations About What Caused Barbara Bush's Heart Problems

March 27, 2019Mar 27, 2019

In a shocking revelation, it appears that Barbara Bush blamed President Trump for her heart issues because she disliked him so much.

The former first lady suffered from a heart attack in 2016. Medically, it stemmed from a long battle with congestive heart failure and chronic pulmonary disease. However, she reportedly blamed it on the 2016 election cycle and how now President Trump attacked her son, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who ran against Trump, reported NBC.

This information comes from writer Susan Page, who wrote a biography on the matriarch of the Bush family. She says the former FLOTUS told her that the "angst" from those political attacks contributed to the heart episode.

Bush also told Page she no longer considered herself a Republican. In October 2017, she revealed the shocking news.

"I'd probably say no today," she told USA Today's Susan Page in an October 2017 interview on whether she was still a Republican.

The book, "The Matriarch," detailed Barbara Bush's long-standing dislike for Trump, which went back decades. Even before Trump went into politics, Bush was disgusted by him.

In diary entries from the 1990s, which the former first lady made available to Page, she described Trump as "greedy, selfish, and ugly." By 2016, she was "dismayed by the nation's divisions and by the direction of the party she had worked for, and for so long."

In one interview, she told Page: "I don't understand why people are for" Trump. She was also "astonished" that women would vote for Trump.

She also only approved of her son, Jeb Bush, running for president because she feared Trump would come president. She voted for her son in the 2016 general election. Her husband voted for Hillary Clinton in that election.

After Trump won, the 41st president called the president-elect to offer congratulations. Barbara Bush wrote in her diary that Trump "was very nice" in that conversation.

Mrs. Bush also kindly wrote a letter to Melania Trump. She welcomed her to the ranks of First Ladies.

"Dear Mrs. Trump, The world thought I was writing this note to Bill Clinton. I am glad that I am not. I wanted to welcome you to the First Ladies very exclusive club," she wrote. "My children were older and therefore I did not have the problems you do. Whatever you decide to do is your business and yours alone. Living in the White House is a joy and their only job is to make you happy. If you decide to stay in NYC that will be fine also. When you come to the White House let your son bring a friend. That is my unasked for advice. God Bless you."

In a 2017 interview, Bush revealed how she was feeling after Trumps election. She told Page that she tried to ignore the fact.

"I'm trying not to think about it," Barbara Bush told Page in a 2017 interview just before the first anniversary of Trump's election. "We're a strong country, and I think it will all work out.”

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