New Bombshell Demolishes Warren's Claims of Being Native American, Makes Her a Laughing Stock

October 16, 2018Oct 16, 2018

Elizabeth Warren has made headlines in recent years. She has been a top leader of the Democratic Party and has openly criticized President Trump. Now, she is making headlines for another reason.

After claiming to be of Native America decent, Warren finally took a DNA test to try and prove her claims. The results were comical. Now, Warren is being criticized on social media.

Now, another bomb has just dropped on Warren's claims. According to a new study, she has just been proven to statistically be even less Native American than the average American white person.

"Warren’s DNA results are significant because of her extensive history of claiming Indian and Cherokee heritage in her political and professional career. Warren released the results of her test, which showed her to potentially have 1/1024 Native American DNA dating back six to 10 generations. This sets the lowest bound of Warren’s Indian DNA at .098 percent and the highest at 3 percent. The average European-American has 0.18 percent Native American DNA, according to a comprehensive study by the Genetic Literacy Project," reported The Daily Caller.

Even with such slim results of her ancestry, Warren claims that the evidence is "strong" and points towards her Native American background. Twitter was quick to respond to her "evidence" and the news that she is even less Native American than most white Americans.

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