New Bill Would Give Pastors, Churches A Lot More Political Clout

September 29, 2016Sep 29, 2016

A new bill (H.R. 6195) by Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana would repeal the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which for years has threatened to strip away churches' tax-exempt nonprofit status if their pastors and clergy members publicly endorse a candidate for office, according to the Christian Post.

In other words, the new law would allow a preacher, for instance, to say "Vote for Trump!" or "We believe this particular candidate is the better choice for upholding Biblical values in government" without IRS intimidation.

Scalise said, "For decades now, the Johnson Amendment has limited the ability for a lot of churches and religious organizations and nonprofits to express their views and to exercise their free speech rights and exercise the religious liberty that is one of the hallmarks of our Constitution."

Thousands of pastors agree. There are restrictions, though, such as churches not using their tithes to support political movements if they want to remain a nonprofit.

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