Beautiful Photo of Melania Goes Viral, Twitter Goes Wild

June 20, 2018Jun 20, 2018

Melania Trump is the picture of grace in a recent photograph. The picture was taken by Doug Mills from the New York Times.

The beautiful photo of the First Lady was taken at a meeting with the monarchs of Spain. Melania had had a hard day after actor Peter Henry Fonda threatened her son Barron Trump in a Twitter post.

The picture shows Melania watching her husband President Trump as he meets with Their Majesties King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain in the Oval Office. In the background, reporters are hovering by Melania, leaning over the couch she's seated on. 

The photo went viral on Twitter. Many people pointed out how the photo reflected Melania's life.

"Melania Trump, basically," wrote CNN reporter Kate Bennett.

"Gorgeous dress. Terrifying life," wrote one woman

She added, "She’s not by herself. She’s surrounded by an insane amount of photographers capturing every blink she makes. That’s a terrifying life portrayed by this incredible photograph. It captures the insanity of the scrutiny of a public figure. Not jealous at all."

Another man pointed out that the press shouldn't be allowed to follow her in that way. One user compared the situation to Princess Diana, who was hounded by the press—many say to her death.

Others took the time to point out how beautiful Melania is.

Peter Fonda attacked Barron Trump today. What do you think of his apology? In other news, the FDA has recalled a life-saving heart medication because it causes cancer. 


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