New Airline Seat Design Could Make Middle Seat the Best, But There’s a Big Problem

May 22, 2017May 22, 2017

Many travelers have cited high ticket prices and narrower seats for increased tensions for passengers flying with today’s airlines, but a new seat design could change the game.

According to CNBC, Molon Labe Designs has created seats with two major changes for airline jets.


First, to give passengers a little more elbow room — literally — Molon has pushed the middle seat a couple inches further back than the two side seats and has given it a seat cushion that’s a couple inches lower. This helps keep people’s elbows and shoulders from lining up running into each other.

Plus, as an added bonus to passengers who choose the dreaded middle seat, Molon has made all the middle seats three inches wider.

So far, so good. But the next aspect of their design, which is aimed at greatly speeding up the boarding process, seems to have some issues.


Molon’s design also allows the aisle seat to slide over the middle seat, doubling the width of the aisles for boarding. According to the “Today” show, they expect this to decrease boarding times by 25 percent.

Giving passengers twice as much aisle width allows them to load their carry-on luggage in the overhead bin and get into their seats without blocking the aisle and delaying the boarding process.

And shorter boarding time equals less idling time for flights, lower energy costs for the plane, and, hopefully, cheaper ticket prices for passengers.

Take a look as the “Today” show shows you how it works:

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