New issue of FFA leads on the men who are helping end violence against women

The issue also delves into resilience-building playgrounds, efforts to map the world’s fungal networks, ’slow homeware’ and wooden bicycles. Lucy Purdy, editor-in-chief, says it’s packed with stories of hope in action

The idea of thinking positively – that you can just choose to believe that things are good and then they somehow will be – is at best ineffective and at worst destructive. Assuming that everything is fine It just doesn’t work. 

We can choose not to be blinded by the difficulties and see the whole picture. 

Positive News magazine’s January-March issue features many people who have taken the initiative to do so. The five men in our cover story speak compellingly about why it’s time more men actively joined the fight to tackle violence against women. Theirs aren’t empty words: all of them have deeply personal motivations for getting involved. 

Hawa Bah (whom we also meet this issue) suffered unimaginable as a child during female genital and sexual mutilation in her native Guinea. Not only has she vowed not to let that experience define her, she’s channelled it into helping other FGM survivors in the UK, where she now lives. 

Elsewhere, we speak to eco-entrepreneurs who are responding to the worrying pervasiveness of chemicals in our lives by developing cleaner alternatives – for everything from textiles to packaging. We also profile designers who believe beautiful things can be found in our homes without causing harm to the environment. 

We have the option to see the whole picture and focus on the positive changes that are possible, while not being blind to the challenges

All of these stories acknowledge what’s challenging but also capture the great power in choosing to focus our valuable attention on what can be done. That’s empowering. And that’s how our journalism works.

We don’t do superficial happy endings at Positive News, but we do report people’s challenging, beautiful, difficult, and brilliant stories. Because life can be all of those things – and 2022 is sure to send many more challenges, and opportunities, our way.