Netizens looked for Uber Eats driver who left a touching gift to customer who suffered a stroke

Uber driver leaves a touching gift for a customer who has suffered a stroke. So the Internet searched for her

Sometimes, all it takes is one good deed to uplift a person’s spirits.

After suffering a stroke, Tim Wilkinson of Burleson in Texas spends most his time at home. Before his stroke, he was always on-the-go with family and close friends.

Heather Durgin is a Uber Eats driver, wife and mother of four.

Heather Durgin in an interview with FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth
Heather Durgin | YouTube

Although they live very different lives, they were brought together by a recent food delivery.

Since there have been several reports of drivers being caught eating customers’ orders, Uber Eats ties the food bag to be delivered for security purposes.

When Heather came by Tim’s home with his food, the man asked her for a favor.

Tim Wilkinson wearing a red shirt and red cap and a girl wearing a blue shirt and a Batman cap
Tim Wilkinson | YouTube

“He asked me, ‘Hey, I don’t have the capability in this hand to untie that knot. Would you please untie my bag? And I said sure!” she recalled.

The pair’s meeting seemed to have ended there, but it really didn’t—Heather was in “about in tears” as she kept thinking of her recent customer.

“I was like I need to do something to help him,” she said.

And so she did.

Heather put together a care package, then returned to Tim’s apartment and left it at the door. A red blanket, hot chocolate, candy, and a note with the following contents were included by Heather:

“Hey Timothy, I delivered your Eagles Donuts this morning. I just wanted to give you some treats. These treats will hopefully bring back your smile. Sorry it’s not much. I wish you a wonderful day and a speedy recovery. Your uber driver, Heather”

Heather Durgin's letter to Tim Wilkinson

Tim, who uses a walker and doesn’t have use of his left arm, was deeply touched upon seeing the package and reading the note attached.

“It made me cry. After I saw what it was, it made me cry,” he said.

Tim wanted to thank Heather for the sweet gesture, but Uber Eats doesn’t let customers see the driver’s contact information once the delivery has been completed.

“I understand it’s for safety reasons but when she dropped off the things she didn’t even knock or alert me,” Tim said. “I only found it because my daughter came by to help me pack up a box today. She obviously wasn’t looking for any accolades but she deserves them. I just want her to know how much it was appreciated.”

Tim reached out to Fox 4’s Lauren Przybyl, a social media friend, to help get a hold of the driver. Lauren posted the story to Facebook in hope that Heather would respond.

Heather Durgin and Tim Wilkinson meeting up at his home

“I wanted to make sure she knew that it was appreciated,” Tim said.

Luckily, Heather’s brother saw the post, and the pair soon met up. Their story even started a new social media frenzy, with many people online reacting with the hashtag “#beaheather”.

“It wasn’t to get anyone to recognize me for doing it,” she said. “I think people just need to stop and take a deep breath for a second in their busy lives and look around and see people that might just need a smile or a hug.”

Even though he was almost a stranger, this driver went above and beyond to make a customer’s day. It takes a special person to pull off such a feat.

If we can all be a Heather, I’m sure the world will be a better place! To learn more about this story, click on the video below.

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