Netflix Scam Keeps Spreading; Here’s How to Not Be a Victim

November 07, 2017Nov 07, 2017

For several years now, Netflix has become one of America’s leading choices for viewing entertainment at home. And that’s why it’s become a top target for hackers.

According to ABC 7, an e-mail scam that’s going after millions of Netflix subscribers is still on the loose, pulling victims into its trap. Customers are seeing legitimate-looking emails that look like they’re from Netflix, warning them that if they don’t update their billing information, their subscriptions will soon be canceled.

The problem is, the emails are actually from hackers and direct Netflix subscribers to a page that looks like it’s on Netflix’ website. Once customers type in their usernames, passwords, personal billing information into the fake page, the hackers have now stolen them and may be able to access their other online accounts.

Netflix is working to stop the spread of this persistent scam, but hackers have already been successful with it for the past 10 months, according to Wired. Why? Because the sophisticated scammers have done a very good job in shielding the emails from spam filters and other forms of defense.

So what can you do to personally protect yourself? It’s easy. Be aware that these fake emails exist, and if you do need to update your billing information on Netflix for any reason, go directly to to do it. Another safety tip is to not have your Netflix username and password match those of your other accounts, especially your bank and other important services.

PhishMe phishing defense firm chief technology officer Aaron Higbee warns, “I know I'm going to sound like a broken record, but if your email address password is the same as your entertainment passwords you’re really setting yourself up for disaster.”

So how do you keep your friends and family from falling for this scam? Share this story and warn them. In other news, Vice President Mike Pence has responded after learning that actress Mila Kunis has been donating monthly to Planned Parenthood in his name.

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