Christians are Furious with This New Netflix Show, Many Canceling Subscriptions for Good Reason

July 10, 2018Jul 10, 2018

Netflix is one of the most popular ways to stream movies and videos online. The online streaming service has recently grown to be a staple in pop culture and a time-consuming activity for Americans.

However, Netflix has taken a big hit recently with some of their conservative customers who are upset about their latest promoted show. The liberal comedian, Michelle Wolf, recently performed on a Netflix show about "saluting abortion" and the mothers who have their babies killed.

"The vulgar Netflix darling, Michelle Wolf who made a name for herself with the angry left when she trashed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, while Sanders sat next to her at the White House Correspondents Dinner, hit a new low during her 'The Break' show on the Obama network on America’s birthday. The hard-left 'comedian' celebrated abortion by saluting dead babies and the mothers who agree to have them killed, in her 'salute to abortion' segment on the Netflix show," according to reports.

Her words were met with harsh criticism online. Many Christians said they will be canceling the streaming service.

"This is almost impossible to believe but apparently hard left comedienne Michelle Wolf said these words on her Netflix show: 'God bless abortion.' Think about that for a moment. An act that destroys a potential human being is celebrated in a callous, sacrilegious way," wrote Bill O'Reilly.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts! Also, make sure to pray for the Duck Dynasty star who was involved in a serious accident on the 4th of July.

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