Netflix Just Released a Terrifying Trailer for 'Stranger Things' Season 2

July 24, 2017Jul 24, 2017

If you're one of the over 14 million people who streamed "Stranger Things" on Netflix last year, then you have to see the latest trailer. Netflix just released it at ComicCon, and it's so new the cast hadn't even seen it. 

The show captivated people of all ages with two things. It's nostalgia appeal; the show looks like it could have aired thirty years earlier, and 80's pop culture reference abound. But the second factor is probably more important in its appeal; the show compellingly depicts a mother's love for her son and how far she—and his dedicated friends—will go to save 12-year-old Will. 


It looks like those relationship dynamic will still be there in season two, but it also looks like the show might just get even creepier. 

The new episodes will be released just in time for Halloween on October, 2017. Will you be watching? People on Twitter are certainly excited for the shows return.