Music Artist, Actor Under Investigation Shortly After Being Arrested on Rape Charges

February 13, 2018Feb 13, 2018

In recent days, the number of sexual assault accusations against powerful men in Hollywood and the music industry continues to rise following the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal. Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist “Nelly” publicly joined the long list of famous names facing sexual misconduct allegations on Tuesday, February 13th.

Nelly is well-known for a number of his original songs such as “Just a Dream” and has also worked with other big-name music artists including Kelly Rowland on “Dilemma,” Florida Georgia Line on “Cruise,” and many others. Additionally, Nelly has been featured in several movies including “The Longest Yard.”

According to TMZ, a woman claims that Nelly tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. Other accusations were made, but will not be shared on Faith Family America due to the graphic and vulgar nature of the allegations.

The incident reportedly occurred on December 5th in England while Nelly was on tour. Nelly has since denied the allegation. His lawyer released the following statement:

"These allegations arose after Ms. Green amended her suit for money to include a reference to these claims. The fact that the police are investigating these claims is not new information and Nelly welcomes a thorough investigation. Nelly is confident that once investigated, these claims will be determined to be disingenuous."

This is not the first time Nelly has been accused of sexual assault. Prior to the peak of the Weinstein scandal, Nelly was arrested on rape charges in October of 2017.

As reported last year, a woman accused Nelly of raping her on his tour bus. He was arrested for second-degree rape, but was released shortly after and denied the incident. His name was cleared.

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